Unique wines at the best prices, a huge selection of classic and premium wines and easy ordering: with its range of premium wine trading websites, the Hawesko Group is the market leader in selling wines online.



Tesdorpf, one of Germany’s leading ne wine traders and also the oldest wine trading house in the country, has been part of the Hawesko Group since 1999. Back in 1678, Tesdorpf started supplying wine to enthu- siasts at the Scandinavian royal courts, the court of the Tsars in St Peters- burg and even the kings of Prussia and the German emperors. Then as now, Tesdorpf maintains close ties with the top Bordeaux vineyards and enjoys unique access to leading winemakers worldwide.

To be able to interact with the best winemakers and the most coveted wines, and help discerning customers under- stand them – that’s Tesdorpf. “ – Pierre Enjalbert, Director Tesdorpf GmbH

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We are constantly scanning the market in order to spot the most exciting busi- ness models in the wine trade early on and acquire them for the Hawesko Group. Throughout 2016 we studied and assessed a large number of con- cepts, and were so impressed with WirWinzer that we secured a 66% stake in this successful online marketplace.

The strategy behind the move: on the one hand we have added 10,000 Ger- man wines to our range – a sensible expansion and a brilliant market op- portunity. On the other hand the tech- nological aspect of the deal is very interesting: WirWinzer is a digital marketplace where our customers can order wine directly from the winemaker, bypassing all the intermediaries. Foun- der and Managing Director Sebastian Zellner and his team remain on board, and will continue to run the company with a high degree of autonomy. The areas that o er synergies are our shared services, e.g. for online marketing and IT.

We’re really delighted that the Hawesko Group has got involved and that it o ers a brilliant, dynamic opportunity for us to develop our innovative business model.“ – Sebastian Zellner, Founder

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